Raketa Russian Watch Automatic Movement

Raketa Russian Watch Automatic Movement
December 28, 2021 Jetty Support

In terms of design, it’s had a big impact on the current range. If you study the dials of the other models on this list you may notice a common feature. All Raketa watches with numbers use a 0 in place of 12. This started with the Big Zero watch.
Why did they incorporate this across their collections? Legend has it that Mikhail Gorbachev was spotted by the Italian press wearing one and they ran a newspaper headline that the Russians were starting from zero. Raketa picked this up and ran with it.
The current Big Zero is a part of the company’s Classic series. It is another high-quality automatic that displays the in-house movement through an exhibition case back. It’s a more conventional design than the original and has smaller numerals on a lovely textured dial.
At 38mm it’s a little smaller than most modern high quality replica watches, and that does give a nod to its vintage heritage – in most aspects, however, it’s a thoroughly modern watch. There are a couple of colour variations, including a bold green limited edition.
As Raketa state in their marketing material this is the watch that “conquered the hearts of the western capitalist world”.

Like the Copernicus model, this is a watch from the ‘Curiosity’ collection – a line of Raketa’s most unique designs. Or as they note, the watch reflects “Raketa’s legacy of dabbling with the unconventional”. And it certainly is unconventional.
The design is clearly inspired by Russian abstract artists like Wassily Kandinsky. There’s the same use of bold and colourful geometric shapes. As with the Copernicus, the hands have been replaced by these shapes, and in this case, the numerals are also quite distinctive.
If you’ve followed this blog, you’ll know that I have a soft spot for brands that have a good backstory and a connection to a place. Raketa is a master of repurposing the history of their own culture for watch design. This watch is a great example of that. They’ve taken the work of the Russian Avante-Garde art movement and used the style in their watch. To do this they’ve had to rethink what watch hands should look like.
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As I mentioned earlier, Raketa began as a state-run factory and were involved in providing timepieces for the military. Their ‘Tool’ collection builds upon this history and has lines for The Polar Circle, The Sea, The Sky and Space. This watch is from the Sky and Space line.
In general, the Raketa tool luxury replica watches have been built with robustness in mind. It’s worth quoting the brands philosophy:
“We follow the Soviet design principle that the more complicated a thing is, the less reliable it will be. Thus, our watches use an exceptionally simple, yet robust mechanism, that has undergone over 60 years of incremental adjustments, simplifications and improvements”.
This was one of the factors that originally interested me in Vostok watches. They were built to last and run for a decade without a service.
The Baikonur isn’t as quirky as a couple of the previous watches, but it still has the unconventional zero instead of twelve and a 24hr dial and movement.

Having been designed in collaboration with the cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev, this model was created to be practical in an environment where there isn’t a night and day or gravity. It can be manually wound for example, as a lack of gravity can mean that the rotor won’t automatically wind the watch.
Style-wise, it looks like the multi-functional tool that it is. There’s a slight contrast between the steel case and the titanium bezel and the decorated rotor – complete with a little cosmonaut – is visible through the back. The hands are large and bold and easy to read making it a very practical watch.
Another watch from the Tool collection, the awkwardly named Seaman. Raketa’s location near the Saint Petersburg naval base, and their work with the military, has meant that they’ve made a lot of watches for the Russian Navy.
This Naval tool watch has a very busy and colourful dial that references a number of nautical themes. Again, it has 24hr markers, with the zero at the top. This is a fun watch and has a movement that is also decorated with seafaring graphics.

It’s a little larger than some of the other cheap replica watches, but not over-sized. There are a couple of strap and dial combinations, but as with some of the other Raketa watches, I prefer the stainless steel bracelet and silver dial. Anything more is probably going to be a little too colourful for me.
This Polar watch from the Tool collection is essentially the same watch as the previous Seaman. It has the same case, movement and hands. Really, it’s only the dial that is significantly different.
The inspiration comes from the 1970s Raketa watch that was specifically designed for Soviet polar expeditions. Like in space, there’s no distinction between night and day at the poles, so the wearer would benefit from a 24hr watch.
There’s not a great deal to add, other than the rotor decoration is unique and aims to be reminiscent of the Northern Lights.