Our story

A tool to keep the acts we were working with together, that is how Jetty started out. Heading into the future as a new generation of Event Management. This is our story.

Nothing Lost – Borders Crossed

Reaching across borders, that is what we did back in 2010. We were five individuals with different expertise that had met over the years at various events, festivals and collaborations. Between us, we covered most of the major roles found within event production teams: Media, PR, Production Management, Safety, and Logistics. However, the uniting factor was our motivation for finding new ways to make sure our clients and their audiences had the best possible experiences. That hands-on approach created Jetty.

Back then, there was not much crossover between our trades. The event logic was often built on other values, and collaboration between trades was uncommon. We knew there was enormous value to offer by crossing the borders between infrastructure building, event planning, and communications. From that joint purpose, Jetty was born.

Independent of skill, one thing is essential to all time- and place-specific events: the sharing of what we call the event truth. Something is going to happen, somewhere, at a set time. Accordingly, everything must be planned to accommodate for the specific production, relative to size and scale required. Therefore, that data is one to be shared. Working in partnership from different systems, databases, and spreadsheets, we were five independent contractors that met frequently in various projects to produce quality work. And we began to share. This was and remains the cornerstone of our model. We started a conversation that has never ended. The question was: how can we smoothly share information on a ‘need to know’ basis so that nothing is lost? We sought after a solution that would save time and money while creating the groundwork for the most vital part of events: excellent experiences.

Our clients’ needs were getting more specific as public websites and social media grew. Information accuracy became a pivotal factor for success, financially and reputationally. The production managers were asked to explore creating a system that supported public websites and leveraged CMS tools. Meanwhile the communications specialists were asked the opposite; could the CMS support functions for general production management? Instead of building more one solution systems, we sat down and started from scratch on a blank sheet of paper. We would build a sustainable system that could support us all.

And we did. In 2011, Jetty AB was founded. We used our system for over five years as a tool for our own productions. Over that time, feedback was complied from our clients and colleagues. The sheer amount of expertise that supported the first version of Jetty was insurmountable. Keeping in mind that Jetty was initially constructed to be a tool for our business endeavors as experts, soon the demand for the product exceeded our ability to sell. This added value we had brought to the table for our projects began to gain real value of its own.

In 2014, the five owners reconstructed the company to grow further as a business. By 2016, the majority owner invested the resources to hire a CEO for one year to distinguish if Jetty had baring of its own. That was the beginning of a fresh start. One that brings us to now.

We are listed on Spotlight Stock Market since November 2018. Our company has a professional board and management team whose role is to secure Jetty as the new generation of Event Management. Our company is a SaaS company (Software as a Service) and new markets are being explored. As a SaaS solution, we are focused on providing a sustainable product that improves event management of all sizes, locations, and genres.

We have relaunched Jetty in a way we only dreamed of back in 2011. This system has scalability and adjustability. Jetty is built on a strong backbone of knowledge from established experts for your success. Welcome to the future of Event Management. Welcome to Jetty!

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Jetty has offices in Stockholm and Malmö, Sweden.

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Company Time Line

Jetty was founded.


Major Swedish and Danish festivals sign up to use Jetty.


Agreements are renewed. This leads to new ideas about the potential of Jetty.


Owners rebuild the company structure to secure future explorations of the market.


New Dawn. A new CEO is brought in to explore possibilities of Jetty’s independence.


First external financing of the product. First steps are taken to build the future version of Jetty and establish a sales team.


First version of the new generation of Jetty is launched and exceeds expectations. A professional board is appointed, and Jetty is listed on Spotlight Stock Market.


Jetty – the new generation of Event Management is available in a full version with new clients in new markets stepping into the world of Jetty.

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