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Get your acts together.

Jetty is here – the next generation of Event Management.
Designed for you and your organization’s needs.

“No information is lost, it’s super easy to access, and well basically it’s just a great system.”

Lars Liliengren, Production Manager Roskilde Festival, Denmark

The new generation of Event Management. 

533,960 hours have been spent working in Jetty. 35,781 acts have been advanced and six years have passed since Jetty was initially launched.

Built on experience. 

Every second of action within Jetty is a second of knowledge and understanding. Of what the event organizers need. Both individuals and the organization.

Built for you.

We have learned from you and we have built the new generation of Event Management. For you. Contact us to find out how Jetty can help you out. 

Some that use, and love, Jetty.


Jetty is

Initiated by practitioners in the Swedish event industry.

Developed in a unique environment of collaboration between experts in fields and hierarchy that usually never meet – definitely almost never collaborate.

Executed by a team where programming competence and the expertise of the trade has been equally recognized.

Pursued by a core team of practitioners that has seen the use on all levels.

Driven by the idea that even process can be refined regardless of changes in the team or project.

Motivated by the constant search for the event truth.

Jetty is a tool for planning, communicating and producing complex events.