Jetty X is here – full functionality for all users!

Event planning made simple and efficient

Fast and flexible
Jetty is a modern event planning system tailored to the industry. User-friendly, flexible and with features you will recognise from Excel, just better suited to your needs.

Improved control
Summarize and process information directly in the system. Track the process, identify next steps and avoid mistakes.

Powerful features
Jetty X is cloud-based and you can manage both large and small events, work with content, communication, technical production, hospitality, marketing, people, vendors and more. A one stop shop for your event management.

New project structure
Manage all projects and subprojects simultaneously. Easily customize individual permissions and views for different users and roles.

30 days trial with full functionality!

No commitments or credit cards needed!

Project structure

Regardless if you have a simple or complex project structure or organizational structure, you will have the right support! You decide yourself who has access to which projects and what information they should have access to. One day someone is a manager, the next day they will only be allowed to read limited information. Of course, if you wish, you can work in the same way as before!


Specify your locations, attach pictures, people, maps, specifications etc. Make sure everything is up to date and you will never get an email question again, everyone knows what they can expect.

Locations / Stages / Dressing rooms / Lodgings / Destinations / Other areas


Booking & Activities

Work with your lineup and other content. Regardless of if it is an artist on a festival/venue, a keynote speaker on a conference or an cooperate event. Handle all information connected to your booking.


Manage all people connected to your project, work with your accreditations, allergies etc and get control of all the people involved in your projects. Handle travels, transport, hotels and make time planning on an individual level.

Contacts / Entourage / Guests / Crew / Participants


Everyone will know about your service. Provide the best service and ensure that everyone is satisfied and motivated to do a great job.

Riders / Checklist / Accommodation / Catering / Transports / Travels / Dressing rooms


Technical production

Keep track on your technical production and make sure your event is executed according to plan. Make sure that everyone gets what they need and is comfortable, so they can focus and wowing the crowd.

Attachments / Checklist / Scheduling / Backline / Vehicles / Power / Risers


Are you tired of chasing the correct marketing information and ending up with doing the work yourself? Why not let the correct people do the work.

Checklist / Notes / Press pictures / Press texts / Links


Update your webpage with a press of a button, show information on information screens etc. Our API makes third party integrations possible.

This is a add-on and are bought separately



With our task management you can create tasks for yourself, teams or individuals. Report back, communicate about the tasks, make sure your up to date with future deadlines etc. Use it for overall project management or detailed planning of your event.

Custom forms

Tired of getting information in bad structured emails and trying to keep track on everything in Excel? Why not create your own forms, make sure you get the information you need and have an accessible way for everybody to look and work with the information.

Vendors / Volunteers / Participants / Etc

Managed service

Do you want to customize your setup? Do you require personal training or personal support? Do you want expertise support in setting up your event? Are you looking for an enterprise wide solution for unlimited users and sites? Are you required to follow a strict tender and procurement process? Then click here and we will get in touch.