Add-on modules

Only pay for the modules you need, so you can do what you do even better.

Are you ready to take your team to the next level and work with the things that create the most value for you? We have created modules for different needs, now it is up to you to choose the area you want to be more detailed in.


Everyone will know about your service. Provide the best service and ensure that everyone is satisfied and motivated to do a great job. 

If you work with detailed planning of catering, transports, travels, accommodation, dressing rooms etc, this is the module for you. Don’t miss any allergies, see your catering needs, make sure you have booked the hotel rooms and easily provide your rooming list to the hotel, don’t forget to pick someone up at the airport, which dressing room will they use and what are they expecting?

Technical production

Keep track on your technical production and make sure your event is executed according to plan. Make sure that everyone gets what they need and is comfortable, so they can focus and wowing the crowd.

If you work with detailed planning of production, power, backline, risers, vehicles etc, this is the module for you. 

Marketing & API

Are you tired of chasing the correct marketing information and ending up with doing the work yourself? Why not let the correct people do the work and update your webpage with a press of a button.

Do you chase information and when you get it, you only get half the content you asked for? Let others do the job and stop updating information in several systems. With our communication link for marketing, you can collect press pictures, texts and links. Proofread the information and then with a push of a button you can update your webpage through our API.

Tasks advanced

Do you recruit people to tasks? Why not invite 10 persons for a job, wait for confirmation and then select which persons you want to use and assign them.

With our task management you can create tasks for yourself or others. Users can report back with our app and you are always up to date with the process in you project. Use it for overall project management, detailed planning of your event or schedule your staff. Create template tasks so that you document and secure the process of your events, and easily can help or replace collogues when necessary. With our tasks advanced-module, you can work with recruitment, invite people to tasks based on competence and availability, assign the once you want to work with and then let them report back what they do and how much time they spend doing it. Work with time reports and supervisors. This together with forms, will make your handling of staff planning complete. 

Unlimited users

Unlimited Users is unlimited power

With the module unlimited users, you don’t have to think about paying a license per person, with this module you can be as many as you want in the system and make sure that everyone you work with, have the information they need, when they need it. 

When you have unlimited power, you can take Custom forms and Tasks Advanced to the next level.

Custom forms

Tired of getting information from volunteers, participants etc. in bad structured emails and trying to keep track on everything in Excel? Why not create your own forms, make sure you get the information you need and have an accessible way for everybody to look and work with the information.

Use our form builder to create your own custom forms, regardless of what type of information you want to collect. It can be volunteers, participants, guests, accreditation, evaluation etc. There’s no end to the possibilities. Evaluate the information you receive, work with statuses, communicate through email or why not create a user based on a volunteer that applied and schedule them in our task management.

Multiple active projects

Create magic several times, with different people, in different projects.

This is the module for you who run many different types of projects. Create different projects in Jetty to be able to separate both information and users from each other. Every different project are completely isolated from each other and gives you the possibility to easily separate your different organizations. With this module you can work with up to 5 active projects.


Do you want to customize your setup? Do you require personal training or personal support? Do you want expertise support in setting up your event? Are you looking for an enterprise wide solution for unlimited users and sites? Are you required to follow a strict tender and procurement process? Then click here and we will get in touch.