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Jetty is a comprehensive management suite for events and so much more.

Are piles of updated spreadsheets filled with lists and schedules growing every day?

Are you spending too much time answering questions and emailing updates when changes are made?

Have costly mistakes happened due to people working with out of date or incomplete information?

Are you copying and pasting between documents to create lists, schedules, agreements, and more?

Are you ever overwhelmed by the amount of different apps, files in the cloud, and email chains to manage?

Do you spend more time looking for information and updating people, than doing your actual work?

“No information is lost. It’s super easy to access, and well basically, it’s just a great system.”

Lars Liliengren, Production Manager
Roskilde Festival, Denmark

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Jetty is a part of Thinc Collective, a group of entrepreneur-driven companies within the marketing and commtech industry. By using the power of the collective and the skills of the specialists we challenge the limits of what is known as communication and what it can do for our clients, our employees and to contribute to a better world for all.