Become a Jetty pro  – Online training is always included

Jetty training is always included, it doesn’t matter if you use our free version or if you have chosen our add-on modules. The training is divided into our basic training as well as an advanced part. The basic part contains everything you need to get started with our free version. If you have chosen other modules or are curious about what else you can do in Jetty, the advanced part of the training will help you through this. The training includes text, videos and practical exercises to make it as easy as possible for you to get started with Jetty. You go through your education yourself or with your colleagues. It is important before the training that you as a team decide whether you do the training together or separately.

We suggest that you go through the training as soon as possible, discuss how you should use Jetty and what expectations there are for the different people in the team in order to get the best possible result. Good to know is that if you do the whole training at the same time, it takes only about 60 minutes, including practical exercises. During the training there will always be opportunities to ask questions and get help from us. The goal is for you to become a Jetty pro! When all steps are completed in the training, you will receive a certificate and your user will be automatically upgraded in the system, so that everyone can see that you are a Jetty pro!

“The key to success is to use the knowledge you gain in your training as soon as possible, so that is sticks with you and you get started with your first project.”

Sara Olofsson

Customer Success Manager


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