Create your bookings and locations, work with your detailed specifications and planning. Never again send an email to make sure that you have the latest version of a document. Everyone works with the same information and only see what´s relevant for them. Get more control and overview with our task management, create your own tasks or assign them to others and let them report back directly in the system. Within minutes, you have a system where you and your colleagues can start planning for unforgettable moments and continue to do what you do, even better.

Modules included in free version

Locations basic

Specify your locations (for example stages), attach pictures, maps, specifications etc. Make sure that everything is up to date and you will never get an email question again, everyone knows what they can expect.

Bookings basic

Create and work with your bookings, regardless if it is an artist on a festival/venue, a keynote speaker on a conference or an cooperate event. Make sure that your deals, scheduling, basic technical production, marketing, service and communication with involved people are spot on. Upload your contracts, specifications etc. With our communication link, everyone have all the correct and updated information they need, whenever they need it. 

If you need an even more detailed handling of technical production, service, marketing, or why not connect Jetty to your webpage so you only update your information once? Please have a look at our add on features.

Task Management & App

With our task management module you can create tasks for yourself or others. Users can report back with our app and you are always up to date with the process in you project. Use it for overall project management, detailed planning of your event or schedule your staff. Create template tasks so that you document and secure the process of your events, and easily can help or replace collogues when necessary. If you want to take task management to the next level, and work with recruitment, invites, time report and supervisors. Please have a look at our module “Tasks – Advanced”.


Keep track of all contacts and companies you work with in Jetty. See how different contacts has been involved in your project.

Max 3 users

In our free version, you are limited to 3 users. When you need to involve more people in your organization or invite external users. Have a look at our module “Unlimited users”.

Reports basic

Everything you enter into Jetty can be exported to Excel or Numbers with our reports. When you buy additional modules, you get new reports for that module.

Online training

Our online training is always included in Jetty. With the help of videos and practical exercises, you and your team will turn your self into Jetty Pro’s. Support articles and imbedded videos will be available after training. 

Add-on modules

Only pay for the modules you need, so you can do what you do even better.

Are you ready to take your team to the next level and work with the things that create most value for you? We have created modules for different needs, now it´s up to you to choose the area you want to be more detailed in.

Add-on Modules