External channels

With Jetty as the center of information, internally and externally, you will eliminate double work and communication mistakes!

Jetty Laptop

Jetty’s powerful and flexible API’s will feed your external channels: website, app, social media flows, information screens, etc.

Jetty Mobile

Keeping your team, suppliers, performers, and customers informed all from the same source eliminates a lot of work and prevents expensive mistakes.

Jetty Tablet

Save time and work smarter by letting external parties enter press texts and upload pictures directly to Jetty.

Here is a short summary of what Jetty has to offer in regards to tools and functions.
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Feed your website with information about your content directly from Jetty.

With Jetty as the home for details about your content – all of the who, what, when, where, and why – it makes sharing that info so much easier. You can easily broadcast information like press releases, photos, links, bios, and more. Using Jetty’s API, you can automatically feed your website. This will eliminate the double work, save a lot of time, and ensure that all information is consistent. If anything changes, everyone will know.

Use Jetty’s headless CMS to give you complete control of your website.

Have one less system to subscribe to by letting Jetty control the full content of your website. The state of the art headless CMS system built into Jetty will give you complete control over all your web content. The powerful APIs included with Jetty will enable integration with pretty much any website. It allows for detailed control over everything.

Collect texts, bios, and pictures by letting press & PR representatives do it for you, directly into Jetty.

Save time, reduce mistakes, and streamline your work by letting those who should provide you with information place it directly into Jetty. Say goodbye to the days of copying from emails or spending your time searching the web!

Have complete control over when content gets published. 

When feeding your website from Jetty, there are a number of checks to go through. This was designed to ensure that only material that is supposed to go public, does go public. Publishing can also be preprogrammed in advance. That gives you total control over what is published and when.

Use Jetty Builder to create workflows and gather information with powerful forms.

Jetty Builder can generate forms for gathering information from sources, external or internal. These forms can be made publicly available and can also contain internal sections to work with the collected information. Jetty Builder can be used to recruit volunteers or staff, get RSVPs from participants, collect information from suppliers, and more. With 20+ field types, conditional logic, and an easy way to build interface and structure, the uses of Jetty Builder are almost endless.