Manage staff

Jetty’s Staffing feature lets you manage your employees, contractors, and volunteers. Jetty ensures everyone gets the information they need to do their job and provides leaders the ability to monitor progress.

Jetty Mobile

Planning the work to be done and breaking it down in tasks will give you an overview and a timeline.

Jetty Laptop

Staffing helps you coordinate who is assigned, who is available, and where resources are needed.

Using the Jetty App will keep the staff and volunteers out in the field informed in real time.

Here is a short summary of what Jetty has to offer in regards to tools and functions.
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Plan more efficiently by defining outcomes, deadlines, and priorities.

Jetty’s Staffing features gives you the oversight needed to see the big picture, but includes all the details you require. Breaking something down to Tasks is a great way to handle ad-hoc work that does not easily mold into the usual agenda. Tasks can be loaded with all the information needed for those performing them. Prioritize or connect tasks to parts of your project, such as a location or content. You can even assign a deadline, a start time, or a time span. Jetty’s Staffing is a full fledged work management system built with you in mind.

Assign the task to individuals or groups of users, invite users to claim them, or define what competences are needed.

In Jetty Staffing, tasks can be assigned or claimed in various ways. You can assign them directly to individuals or teams. Alternatively, you can define what competences are needed for later assigning. Another option is to make tasks possible to claim by those who fit the given criteria, such as skill sets or geographical location. When a task is assigned to you or open to claim, Jetty’s app will notify you immediately. 

Gain awareness of preparations and task progress down to the last detail.

When creating a task, progress reports and feedback can be required, giving management a possibility to track progress in real time. You can be notified through Jetty when: the status of the task changes, a written progress report is done, a picture gets uploaded, etc. Jetty makes sure you always know exactly what is going on. Notifications can be used within the Jetty platform, on the Jetty app, and also through email.

Use the Jetty App to keep your staff in the field updated in real time.

The Jetty App is built with Tasks and Staffing in mind. Aimed for use by your team members, it will give them all the information they need to do their job. Jetty’s App lets them report back to you directly, so you’ll always be updated in real time. The App will notify you of all changes, highlight work with expired deadlines, and allow for feedback on the work that has been done. In short, the Jetty App gives you all you need for managing and informing your staff.

Collect and approve information on hours worked for reporting.

The Jetty App also allows for feedback on time spent, traveling, preparing or performing the job at hand. With features for approval from team leaders, this gives you a powerful tool for the reporting. It can be used for tracking work done by contractors or to act as a basis for invoicing your customers.

Use Jetty Builder to create workflows and gather information with powerful forms.

Jetty Builder can generate forms for gathering information from sources, external or internal. These forms can be made publicly available and can also contain internal sections to work with the collected information. Jetty Builder can be used to recruit volunteers or staff, get RSVPs from participants, collect information from suppliers, and more. With 20+ field types, conditional logic, and an easy way to build interface and structure, the uses of Jetty Builder are almost endless.