Plan and manage content

Content is key to event operations. Use Jetty’s built in workflows to manage your content, customize content to your needs, or create your own!

Jetty Laptop

For anyone booking content, Jetty will assist you through bidding, negotiations, and agreement, documenting each step of the way.

For venues, Jetty assists you with keeping track of occupancy and helps sales teams to find the best offers for customers.

Jetty Tablet

Your whole organization can follow the planning, on a need to know basis. Jetty lets them weigh in and be more prepared.

Here is a short summary of what Jetty has to offer in regards to tools and functions.
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Keep track of all offers, quotes, and agreements.

Jetty compiles all documentation regarding your content. This includes quotes to customers wanting to use your venue, offers or bids for artists, and/or agreements with suppliers or customers. Jetty provides a complete overview of all that’s been proposed and agreed upon. It also offers another layer of assurance that you have budgeted accordingly and all terms of the agreement can be fulfilled. With Jetty, business sensitive information, like quotes and contracts, receive extra layers of protection to ensure that confidentiality is kept safe.

Use Jetty to create agreements with one click for printing or electronic signing. 

The Contract functionality in Jetty lets you define templates for things like offers, quotes, or agreements. By pulling content directly from Jetty, the assets you need are convenient and up to date. When all terms are entered in Jetty, the click of a button will generate a document. There is no longer a need to waste time copying and pasting each piece into word processing templates. With one more click of a button, the document gets sent off for electronic signing. Once signed, it will automatically store itself in Jetty for safe keeping.

Get an instant overview of your booking situation.

When checking availability or compiling program content, Jetty provides an instant overview of your booking situation. You can create both list based and calendar based projects to organize your work. Jetty can filter out date spans, locations, or types of bookings with ease to quickly show availability. This can also be used by external parties to directly book your premises and more. Control what is shown by using the User Management system to ensure external parties won’t access preliminary or sensitive information.

Quickly generate and circulate reliable information to all who need to know.

A large portion of event management is communicating. Whether forward facing or behind the scenes, this one system simplifies all your communication including schedules, directions, tech specs and contacts. Rather than creating various info packs and emailing them again every time something changes, give your ‘need to know’ team access to Jetty, where they can find all the up to date information. Having real time updates in the field saves you a lot of time and reduces the risk of someone working from outdated info.

Use Jetty Builder to create workflows and gather information with powerful forms.

Jetty Builder can generate forms for gathering information from sources, external or internal. These forms can be made publicly available and can also contain internal sections to work with the collected information. Jetty Builder can be used to recruit volunteers or staff, get RSVPs from participants, collect information from suppliers, and more. With 20+ field types, conditional logic, and an easy way to build interface and structure, the uses of Jetty Builder are almost endless.