Plan and manage operations

Jetty will provide you with built in workflows for managing your operations. Use them, modify them, or create your own.

Jetty Laptop

Pre-defined workflows will give everyone from managers to volunteers a process to adhere to, making sure nothing is missed, and documenting every step.

Jetty Mobile

For ad-hoc work, Jetty’s Tasks will help with organizing all unique processes that can’t be molded in to standardized workflows.

Jetty Tablet

Using Jetty means Planning and Doing happen in the same system. No more email updates or outdated agendas. Everyone have access to the correct information, all the time.

Here is a short summary of what Jetty has to offer in regards to tools and functions.
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Foster a comprehensive workflow for all parts of your organization.

The workflows cover the needs of all teams and trades. You’ll have the power to direct focus on specific or combined teams, from technical staff to hospitality workers. Workflows can be as detailed as you would like them to be. Users even have the option to enable or disable the detailed views as preferred. If you need to make adjustments to the built in workflows, you can easily do so. Plus with Jetty Builder, you can create own workflows from scratch.

Share crucial workflows with everyone to make sure nothing gets missed.

Having your entire staff, as well as external parties such as suppliers, working in the same system makes sure nothing ends up forgotten in a folder somewhere. It also ensures that no one ”didn’t get that email with updates”. There is no longer a risk of anyone working based on outdated schedules or the wrong version of an agreement or a specification. There is only one version of everything, readily available to everybody who needs it. Planning and doing can occur simultaneously!

Giving every piece of information a place ensures you’ll always have the answers at your fingertips.

The built in workflows in Jetty contain a place for everything. Combined with powerful tagging and search features, it’s very easy to get the information you need. The workflows prevent important information from being overlooked or forgotten. Getting the overview in Jetty will allow you to immediately see if anything is missing. Instead of spending time searching for that particular thing you need, you can shift your focus to the important things. Let Jetty do all the heavy lifting for you.

Prevent information overload with powerful user rights management.

You can easily control what is shown by adjusting the settings within the User Management system of Jetty. This ensures that external parties or other parts of your organization won’t access preliminary or sensitive information. In fact, all your business sensitive information, like quotes and contracts, receive extra layers of protection within Jetty to make sure that confidentiality is kept safe. This user management feature will prevent your team from drowning in information.

Plan more efficiently by defining outcomes, deadlines, and priorities.

Jetty’s Staffing features gives you the oversight needed to see the big picture, but includes all the details you require. Breaking something down to Tasks is a great way to handle ad-hoc work that does not easily mold into the usual agenda. Tasks can be loaded with all the information needed for those performing them. Prioritize or connect tasks to parts of your project, such as a location or content. You can even assign a deadline, a start time, or a time span. Jetty’s Staffing is a full fledged work management system built with you in mind.

Get notified when things are done via the Jetty platform, the Jetty App, or email.

Jetty contains a notifications feature that makes it easy to stay updated on what has changed and what has been completed. You have the power to decide what updates should be communicated and to whom. This safeguards that your colleagues don’t drown in information but get alerted of critical updates. Notifications can be used within the Jetty platform, on the Jetty app, and also through email.

Use Jetty Builder to create workflows and gather information with powerful forms.

Jetty Builder can generate forms for gathering information from sources, external or internal. These forms can be made publicly available and can also contain internal sections to work with the collected information. Jetty Builder can be used to recruit volunteers or staff, get RSVPs from participants, collect information from suppliers, and more. With 20+ field types, conditional logic, and an easy way to build interface and structure, the uses of Jetty Builder are almost endless.